Here are a few things that are related to your
clutch repair
  • Oil leaks
The rear engine seal behind the clutch/flywheel may be leaking.
If you haven't noticed oil drops on your driveway, you're
probably OK. Transmission seals leaking. Once again, no drops,
no problem.

  • Clutch Control parts
This means the clutch cable or clutch hydraulic system. If
something goes wrong with this stuff, it's why you're calling a
repair shop(like me!). If you bring your car in, I'll check these
  • Brakes
I may also look at your front brakes if I have to take the wheels
off, I'll let you know if I find a concern.
  • CV Axles
If you hear clicking noises around turns, that's a CV axle gone
bad. It's cheaper to replace the axle during the clutch repair
since it has to come out anyway(just the price of the axle,no
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